What is fabricated limestone?
Fabricated limestone is natural stone that is cut to a client's specific dimensions. It can be as simple as an address stone or as detailed as an interior fireplace package.

Can this be used for interior and exterior applications?
Yes, fabricated limestone has a wide variety of uses in both interior and exterior environments.

Do these products require specific care or maintenance?
Exterior applications can be power washed from time to time for general cleaning; however, no special maintenance is required. Interior applications vary - sealants are available and dependent on the specific applications.

Can my purchase be installed?
Yes, the purchase can be installed. However, travel distance would be a consideration along with the extent of the project. Mason referrals are always available upon request.

What types of stone are available?
Kansas and Indiana Limestone are most commonly used; however, Cleveland and Ohio Sandstone are also available. Pennsylvania Blue stone is an additional option. Other stone types are available by special order only.

Why would I choose natural stone over synthetic stone for my project?
Natural stone stands the test of time - it is timeless. The integrity of the stone can not be matched by man-made products on the market today.

What is the usual lead time when an order is placed?
Currently, the product can be delivered within 2-4 weeks of the original order date. The range is necessary due to seasonal aspects and restrictions, along with constraints from the quarries.



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